Child Life Inpatient Services

The Child Life Specialist is an integral part of the healthcare team. As a multidisciplinary team member, specialists collaborate with nurses, physicians, parents, social workers and teachers to provide quality care. Inpatient Child Life Specialists are available to provide developmentally appropriate procedural/illness teaching and accompaniment to procedures, in addition to bedside and playroom activities. Specialists use their child development expertise to help a family cope with a stay in the hospital.

Preparatory Play
Through hands-on experiences with real medical equipment, Child Life Specialists educate children about different aspects of their hospitalization, particularly upcoming treatments and procedures. Preparation for surgery and special tests is done by offering focused educational play activities and relaxation techniques.

Procedural Support
Child Life Specialists are available to support children during difficult procedures by using relaxation and distraction techniques.

Group Activities
Daily weekday activity groups held in the activity rooms help youngsters socialize with peers and serve to normalize the hospital experience.

Bedside Activities
Child Life Specialists work closely with children who are confined to bed. These specialists asses each child's needs for appropriate activities and experiences, and design programs to meet those needs.

Creative Arts Therapies
The Creative Arts Therapies are offered to patients with an interest in the arts as a form of expression and developmental growth. Creative arts therapists work closely with the unit child life specialists to coordinate and collaborate. Examples of the creative arts are: Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Video Therapy/ Videographer in residence. Attention to the developmental needs of patients from the youngest child through teenagers encourage creativity and give additional avenues for expression and coping.

Educational Services
Patients in grades K-12 are eligible for school instruction taught by a certified teacher. Students who attend school in New York City are instructed by New York City department of education teachers.

The Child Life Zone ( read more )
The Child Life Zone is a state-of the-art environment that offers a range of activities and opportunities that meet the special needs of children coping with illness and hospitalization. 

Child Life's KidZone TV ( read more )
Child Life's KidZone TV is a live, interactive Broadcast Studio in the Kravis Children's Hospital at Mount Sinai which produces live programming at least twice a day for pediatric patients throughout the hospital who are restricted to their hospital rooms.

The Lion's Den (read more)
Through innovative and fun communication and entertainment tools, our Lion's Den activity room helps our patients and families replace feelings of isolation with a sense of connection to family, friends and celebrities during their hospital stay.Thanks to Companions in Courage, Pat Lafontaine, and The Sohn Foundation for providing such a wonderful space to our pediatric patients and families!

Family Corner in The Child Life Zone ( read more )
The Family Corner is a comfortable place created especially for the families of pediatric inpatients. It contains information, in print and online, about health and parenting. Families may check e-mail, get help with internet searching, or simply have a cup of coffee or tea and relax.

StoryCorps Legacy
The Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department has partnered with the national non-profit organization StoryCorps and their StoryCorps Legacy Pediatric program. StoryCorps' mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives.

Creative Writing Activities
Creative Writing is offered to patients with an interest in writing as a form of expression.  Our creative writing coordinator assess each child's needs for appropriate activities and experiences, and facilitates expressive activities to meet those needs.

The Andrew Baeumler Pediatric Technology and Computer Program ( read more )
The Child Life and Creative Arts therapy Department strives to bring today's technologies to our pediatric populations in order to maintain and promote what is now a normal, expected level of connectivity for the families we serve.

Meditation instructors
Meditation services are available to help patients and parents learn to use the power of their imaginations to help relax and take a "mind break".

Special Activities/ Events/ Entertainers
Special activities include parties for holidays and birthdays. We also have parties just for fun!

Digital Movie Network
A special service enables Child Life to present dozens of films edited for family viewing on Channel 110 (English) and Channel 111 (Spanish) all day long. Schedules are posted in all patient rooms and pediatric activity areas. The current schedule is also available for download here.

Volunteers and Child Life Interns ( read more )
Interns and Volunteers are an important part of Child Life at Mount Sinai. Please visit our
Intern and Volunteer page for more information!