Take A Break Series

Take a Break is a series of ten-public service announcements (PSAs) in English and Spanish, designed to enhance the programming that goes on in pediatric television channels. The Take a Break Series was generously funded by a grant from the enCourage Kids Foundation.

These three to five-minute infomercial segments are an entertaining way to educate pediatric patients and their families about different aspects of their hospitalization.

The Take a Break series explores ideas such as how to make your hospital room more comfortable, how to seek emotional support with other parents in the hospital, or just simply how to take time for fun. Some are humorous treatments of life in the hospital; some encourage relaxation and creative ways coping strategies for kids and parents.

The Take a Break PSAs have been developed by an interdisciplinary advisory committee, and have been produced in collaboration with pediatric patients and families.

The PSAs can be looped and played on their own between your daily programming, or they can be inserted whenever you need a pause within a specific program.

According to a study at Winnipeg Children's Hospital, a hospitalized child may watch up to twice as much television as his or her healthy counterpart. The Take a Break PSA series is a unique alternative to the fast paced commercial television and can provide the patients with useful information in a friendly manner.


Comforting Your Baby: A mother describes how she eases her infant through his hospitalization.

Getting an IV: Madison a blue puppet learns what is and IV and how is it placed.

Hospital School : A hospital teacher makes us aware that kids can continue their studies during their hospital stay.

How to Prepare for a Doctor's Visit: A teenage patient advises kids to turn their walkmans and cell phones off when having a doctor's visit.

Parent to Parent Support: A mother tells us how she found support and formed new friendships during her baby's hospitalization.

Position for Comfort : A Child Life Specialist gives tips on how to play an active role to help position your child for comfort during a medical procedure.

Spice Up you Room : A fantasy with "Spice" girls who help a girl to make her hospital room more cozy.

Take Time for Fun : Clowns from the Apple Circus Clown Care give us examples of how to take time for fun.

Your Child Life Program : What is Child Life, and what are some of the services that Child Life provides.

Who is Who in the Hospital : Two young girls act as rowing reporters interviewing a number of staff members in the pediatric ward to learn what their different jobs are.


Anuncios de Servicio Público:

Guia para calmar a su bebé en el hospital
Escuela en el hospital
Qué es un "IV"
Cómo prepararse para una visita al doctor
Ayuda para posicionarse durante un procedimiento médico
Quién es quién en el hospital
Apoyo de familia a familia
Tómate un tiempo para divertirte
Cómo decorar tu habitación en el hospital
Tu departamento de "Vida Infantil"