Patient and Family Engagement


The Family Advisory Council (FAC), established in 2009, is comprised of parents of pediatric patients (Parent Advisors) who collaborate with leadership and interdisciplinary staff to ensure the delivery of the highest standard of comprehensive and compassionate health care. The FAC is facilitated by Cheryl Strauss, Child Life Specialist, and Jo Murray, Senior Parent Advisor. Members meet monthly to work on a variety of projects impacting the operations of the Medical Center.
The Mount Sinai Youth Advisory Council (YAC) was established in 2015 to enhance the delivery of pediatric care by recognizing and addressing the specific needs of our youth population. In its third year, the YAC is comprised of youth members ranging in age from 13 to 21, all of whom have experienced multiple admissions at Kravis Children’s Hospital. Monthly council meetings are facilitated by Morgan Stojanowski, Child Life Specialist and Nina Connors, Social Worker. YAC members gather monthly to collaborate on a broad range of patient care projects, working with a variety of clinicians and Mount Sinai staff to bring actionable recommendations to improve the patient experience.

  End of Year Impact Report February 2018- July 2018
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  Combined mid-session impact report September 2017- January 2018
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