Luis L. Borges, BFA

Patient Media and Technology Coordinator, KidZone TV Production Supervisor




Luis L. Borges, BFA is an IT professional with a background in art therapy and over eighteen years experience working in a hospital setting with child life specialists, creative arts therapists, and their pediatric patients and families.

Lu is inspired by his roles as Patient Media and Technology Coordinator and KidZone TV Production Supervisor. Collaborating with the amazing child life staff here at Kravis Children's, he works towards finding the best therapeutic value in convergence of  patient and family care, medical education, creativity, and technology.

Lu consults with Child Life practitioners and departments on the appropriate use of technology and the related education of staff. He runs open online communities encouraging tech competency for child life specialists and creative arts therapists. He has presented at both national and regional conferences on the integration of patient centered technology into pediatric settings.

Illustration, School of Visual Arts, New York , NY

Special Interests
Emergent technologies, media based story telling, 3D scanning and VR integration.

Presentations and Workshops
Speaking Their iLanguage; Creating Innovative and Relevant Diagnostic Teaching Tools that Speak to Today’s Patient. Child Life of Greater New York Conference, 2015, New York, NY. With Jamie Siegel and Morgan Stojanowski

The Role of a Technology Program in a Child Life Department. University of California Santa Barbara Child Life Extension Program, Online lecture, 2015

The Power of Social Media in Child Life Programming. Child Life Council National Conference, 2015, Cincinnati, OH. With Shannon Thornton and Morgan Livingstone

Creating Therapeutic Narratives with Your Patients. Child Life Council National Conference, 2015, Cincinnati, OH. Half Day intensive. With Lou Riccio

Creating Therapeutic Narratives with Your Patients. Using Tech in Child Life, Art, Music & Creative Arts Professions Workshop, 2015, Brooklyn, NY. Half Day Workshop for Child Life Month.

Child Life Technology Workshop: Creating Therapeutic Patient Narratives Using iPads. YAI Midtown Offices, September & October 2014. New York, New York. With Lou Riccio.

Seeing the Future of Integrating Child Life Practice and Technology with Clarity
Child Life Council National Conference, 2014, New Orleans, LA. With Katie McGinnis, Chris Flood-Gutierrez, Lou Riccio, and Jane Shaffer.

Creating Therapeutic Narratives and Child Life Educational Tools: Advanced CL Prep Books with 3D Character Animations, Custom Movies, Art and Voiceovers. New York-Presbyterian Komansky Center for Children's Health, 2013 (Child Life Department Workshop). New York, New York.

Advancing CLS technology competency: Creating new ways to engage your patients and leveraging new tools for staff efficiency. Child Life Council National Conference, 2013 Chicago, Illinois.

Tech Tools for the Creative Arts Professions. Institute of Arts in Healing Conference, 2013 Washington D.C.

CLC Virtual Coffee Hour: Focus on iPads Policies. Child Life Council Live Webinar, 2013
Taste Test of Apps. Florida Association of Child Life Professionals Conference, 2012, Miami, Florida.

iSupport: Using iPod Touch & iPads as Procedural Support Tools. Child Life Council National Conference, 2011 Chicago, Illinois. With Dawn Huber, Sonia Lugo, Sharon Granville.

iSupport: Using iPod Touch & iPads as Procedural Support Tools. Child Life of Greater New York Conference, 2010, NY,New York. With Dawn Huber, Sonia Lugo.

Is There an Artist in the House? Enhancing Child Life Programming Through Collaboration with Creative Arts and Specialty Consultants . Child Life of Greater New York , Conference, 2001, NY,New York. With Diane Rode, Kimberly Bush.