The Loom: A Creative Arts Journal by Patients, Families, Caregivers and Staff.
The Hertzberg Palliative Care Institute, Mount Sinai Medical Center

“The Loom” is a creative arts magazine whose mission is to preserve, connect, honor and
remember the creativity, lives and stories of the Palliative Care community at Mount Sinai

The artwork and poetry in “The Loom” were created by the Hertzberg Palliative Care Institute’s
patients, families, caregivers and staff who participated in creative arts therapy during the patient’s hospitalization. Like a Loom that weaves a unique tapestry, this magazine interlaces threads of strength, struggle and love into one single fabric. Our many contributors include a five year old child who painted with watercolors for the first time, a young adult who found peace in drawing nature, and an elderly women who wrote poetry to express gratitude for the care she received. My hope is that you enjoy the depth of these works individually and as a collection, that they inspire you in some way, that they help you remember. In “Ways of Seeing”, John Berger writes: “Seeing comes before words. The child looks and
recognizes before it can speak... Soon after we can see, we are aware that we can also be seen.”

Thanks to all of those who contributed their work to “The Loom”, whose courage to be seen
has made this magazine a reality!


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  The Loom Fall 2016